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Why Should I Plant a Tree on My Home Property?

With our talk of dangerous trees last week, you may now be wondering if it’s even worth the risk of having trees on your property at all. Yes, trees can certainly cause their share of problems when they fall or become damaged, usually during a storm, but did you know that when cared for and maintained properly, they can provide you with enormous benefits as well? Here are the top five reasons we think you should plant a tree on your home property today:

Why Plant a Tree?

  1. Increase your curb appeal!

Did you know that homes with trees on the property have a higher property value? Beautiful trees can help get your home noticed by potential buyers and add to an attractive landscaping design.

  1. Grow something to eat!

Even if you don’t have much of a green thumb, if you plant a tree, it’s pretty easy to grow your own fruit right out of your backyard. Here in Maryland, apple, peach, fig, Asian pear, and Japanese persimmon trees tend to thrive.

  1. Add some shade!

Maybe the most obvious benefit of planting a tree is to maximize the shade in your yard. Hook up a hammock and enjoy some relaxation on these hot summer days! If you plant a tree in the right spot near your house, it can also dramatically decrease your air conditioning costs as well – up to 15%!

  1. Give a bird a home!

You may not have thought about it, but trees can provide a place to live for many different kinds of wildlife. Consider adding a tree on the edge of your property and in turn helping out the environment.

  1. Provide some privacy!

Evergreen trees especially grow tall and thick and can provide some great privacy, as well as noise dampening. They also don’t require much maintenance!


Porter Tree Services can provide you with help in keeping any trees you plant healthy and strong for years to come. Call us today to ask about our tree treatment programs and tree maintenance services!

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