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Which Trees Make the Best Sound Barriers?

Trees are certainly aesthetically pleasing, but did you know that trees can also be used as a sound barrier?

Trees aren’t going to be able to cancel out 100% of the noise around you, but they are able to absorb a certain amount of sound. Whether you live next to a busy road or your neighbor has a yappy dog, trees can create an additional barrier between you and the noise.

Sound Barriers: White Pine Trees

White pine trees are the most widely planted trees in the United States, and they were known as the “tree of great peace” by some Native American tribes. The White pine tree is able to block sound with its thick trunk and large cones. The White pine can be planted in a variety of climates, and it is really one of the best trees you can get if you’re looking for a sound barrier and a visually pleasing tree.

Sound Barriers: Canopied Juniper

This type of tree can really help to cancel noise because of its massive height and width. The Eastern red cedar (also considered a juniper) can grow 40 feet tall and 20 feet wide. This tree is also an effective sound barrier because it is a favorite habitat for birds. Instead of listening to traffic or other noise, birds chirping and singing will fill your backyard instead.

Sound Barriers: Hardy Evergreens

The Leyland cypress is known as the most popular privacy tree in the United states. It will reach a height of 30 feet at full maturity, and its thickness serves as a great sound barrier. It thrives in most areas throughout the United States.

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