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What to Do When Tree Roots Intrude on Your Fallston Home

You’re proud of your home property in Fallston. You have beautiful landscaping in your yard, including several gorgeous, mature trees. They provide your home with shade, cutting your energy costs, and do the job when it comes to curb appeal and increasing your property’s value. But what do you do when your trees take it a little too far? You’ve noticed tree roots creeping up on your home’s foundation, under your driveway and sidewalks, and into your plumbing pipes. Fortunately, you can usually save your property without killing or harming your tree. Read on to find out what can be done about those pesky tree roots.

Tree Roots Encroaching On Your Fallston Property

Tree roots can cause damage to your foundation, sidewalks, and plumbing if not watched carefully. Take a look at these signs that you may need to call a tree removal expert.

  • Although tree roots rarely cause significant damage to your home’s foundation, they can occasionally find their way into existing cracks and worsen them. You may notice cracks in your foundation’s floor and walls, cracked windows, or buckling in the floor’s surface.
  • In contrast to their effect on your home’s foundation, it’s fairly common for tree roots to get under your sidewalk and driveway, causing cracks and buckling in the concrete’s surface. You’ll need a tree removal expert as well as a concrete expert to repair your concrete.
  • Roots will grow into your plumbing if they find a small crack, which they will use as a water source. You may not be able to visually see the signs, but watch out for slowly flowing drains, low water pressure, and completely clogged drains that will not clear with a plunger or any drain treatments.

How to Stop Tree Roots from Taking Over

There are three main ways to tackle tree roots:

  • Install root barriers, which will deflect tree roots deeper into the ground and away from your foundation, sidewalk, or plumbing.
  • Cut back the roots with the help of an experienced tree trimming expert. Cutting roots can kill your tree, but a professional will know how to do it without risking your tree’s health.
  • As a last resort, you can cut down the entire tree and remove all the roots if the damage has become too severe. Sometimes, trees will grow too quickly and extensively and calling a tree removal expert is just the only option.

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