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All About Us: Porter Tree Services

With the launching of our brand new website, let us take a moment to reintroduce ourselves! At Porter Tree Services, our commitment is providing our customers with the highest quality service for all of their tree service needs. Read on to find out exactly how we can help you today!

What We Do

Porter Tree Services, LLC covers the full range of tree-related issues for your residential or commercial property.

Emergency Tree Services: Fallen trees and tree limbs can cause severe damage to your property, and if you attempt to remove them on your own, you could actually end up causing further damage. Porter Tree Services can safely and efficiently remove fallen trees, as well as keep you informed about preventative measures that you can take to avoid a repeat incident in the future.

Tree Removal: Healthy trees can make a wonderful addition to your landscape. Unhealthy, dead, or dying trees, on the other hand, need to be removed for safety reasons. Trees with rotting or infected limbs can fall and cause damage; the best way to prevent this is by being proactive and removing the trees ahead of time with the help of Porter Tree Services.

Tree Trimming: Having your trees regularly and professionally trimmed is the key to not only their health, but the health of your lawn as well, as trimming allows sunlight to reach your grass and plants more easily. Trimming prevents trees from becoming overgrown, and unhealthy branches can be removed safely.

Stump Grinding: After a tree has been removed, the remaining stump can be an eyesore. Stump grinding ensures that the stump and all leftover debris have been successfully removed. Porter Tree Services will even plant new grass seed to fill the section of lawn previously occupied by the stump.

Crane Services: In order to safely remove a tree or tree branches, Porter Tree Services will sometimes need to use a crane. This way, the risk of limbs or tree trunks getting out of hand is eliminated, and your tree removal process will run smoothly and efficiently.

Tree Treatment Programs: Can a tree catch a cold? Well, not exactly, but trees can become diseased or infected if they are not properly cared for. Porter Tree Services can create a treatment program customized for your trees to keep them looking their best and free of health issues.

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