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Are Trees at Greater Health Risk in Winter?

We all know that winter weather can knock down tree limbs, weigh branches down with snow, and create a harsher climate for saplings to thrive in. But what might it be doing to your trees that is not as immediately obvious? Winter weather can put a lot of stress of your trees; with the help of tree care experts, you can identify these issues and keep them healthy through the season! Read on to find out more.

What Do Winter Temperatures Do To Trees?

 Young trees in particular can be affected by temperatures when they plunge below freezing. Though winter is generally a tree’s dormant period, meaning they do not grow during this time of year, a shock to their system like cold weather can put them under stress and affect their ability to bounce back in the spring. Some trees would benefit from being planted in an area such as a courtyard with a little bit of shelter to it; consult with your tree care experts to learn if that is right for your trees.

Frost cracks are another winter weather consequence that can harm your trees. These occur in extremely cold temperatures- 15 degrees or less. Frost cracks run vertically up the trunk of a tree along its weak points, putting it at risk of further damage in the future.

It is important to find a way to protect a tree’s roots during the winter as well. Roots can be damaged or even killed off in very cold weather, meaning that come springtime, your beautiful trees might wilt and die. “Blanketing” the roots with mulch or some other kind of snow cover can prevent this from happening and keep your roots properly insulated until it is once again warm.

 Does De-Icing Salt Hurt Trees?

 The chemicals found in de-icers can, in fact, cause tree growth to decline, as well as other issues such as leaf scorch. Some species of trees can handle salt better than others, so your tree care experts would likely advise you to plant these varieties in high-risk areas, such as roadsides or by your driveway.

Take care of your trees this winter to keep them looking healthy and beautiful for spring!

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