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Is Winter a Good Time for Tree Pruning?

Many people believe that the best time to have their tree pruning done is during the peak growing season. And at first glance, that might seem like the right idea; after all, pruning off excessive growth would keep trees looking their best. But tree pruning in winter brings with it some added benefits that you might not expect- read on to find out more about what they are!

Tree Pruning During the Dormant Season

 Trees typically take a break from growing during the winter, making for what is referred to as the “dormant season.” Timing your tree pruning to occur during this season can prove to be the best decision for your landscape and your trees’ overall health. For one thing, because your trees will have dropped their leaves by this time, it is much easier for your tree care experts to get an idea of what actually needs to be pruned away. Without leaves impeding their view, they can identify what areas of the tree might be weak points and cut them down before wind or heavy rain can knock them down, causing damage to your property.

The leaf-free view of your tree also allows tree care experts to do a more thorough examination of it. Seeing the bark up close could alert them to any potential diseases or infestations and give them the chance to start treatment right away, a key to preserving tree health. Without leaves, it also becomes easier to note which spots would benefit most from pruning; the whole process can be more precise, in this case.

A final benefit of tree pruning during winter is a simple one. While safety and tree health are definitely among the advantages of dormant pruning, aesthetic appeal is also one. If you prune a tree with its full set of leaves in the spring or summer, it is more obvious and might make your trees look a little odd before they have the chance to regrow. Pruning in winter, on the other hand, is much less intrusive and does not affect the look of your landscape to the same degree.

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