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The Top 5 Risks of Unpruned Trees

When it comes to maintaining your lawn and landscape’s overall appearance, tree pruning is an absolute essential. But unpruned trees can cause more than just aesthetic problems; they can pose a serious threat to safety! Read on to discover what risks are posed by unpruned trees and how you can prevent them with the help of tree care experts!

Unpruned Trees and the Dangers They Pose

  • Power Line Damage. Tree branches that grow continuously outward and upward without being managed can interfere with another tall thing in your yard: power lines. Limbs that are allowed to touch, rest on, or brush against your power lines can cause some serious damage, from power outages to fires!
  • Injury to Pets. If you have a pet, chances are they spend a lot of their time out playing in the yard. If there are unpruned trees overhead, this could prove to be a risky situation for your pet: an overgrown branch could fall, strike them, and injure them.
  • Injury to Children. The same risks that unpruned trees pose to pets can be issues for young children playing outside as well. A falling branch could lead to bruises and broken bones; tree pruning is an effective way to eliminate these risks.
  • Access Points for Wildlife. Longer branches that extent towards your home, particularly if they “lead” towards a window or vent, can create pathways for wildlife to enter your home. Squirrels and raccoons, for example, can climb overgrown branches and use these access points, leaving you with an infestation.
  • Property Damage. Unpruned trees have heavy, unwieldy branches that can fall onto any number of things: your roof, your car, your shed, etc. To prevent your property from being damaged, tree pruning is the best solution.

Avoid the risks posed by unpruned trees with the help of a team of tree care experts. Get in touch with Porter Tree Services today!

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