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The Best Trees for Curb Appeal

Last week, we listed four trees that you should avoid planting in your yard at all costs. So, what trees should you plant in your yard? There are several varieties of trees that you can plant in your yard or in front of your business that will boost your curb appeal and give you a higher ROI for your property. Here are our top 4 favorite trees.

Crape Myrtle

Crape Myrtle is a beautiful, hardy tree without the unwanted quality of being so hardy that it overtakes other plants (we’re looking at you, Chinaberry Tree). This gorgeous tree blooms with clusters of deep pink flowers every summer, when most trees have already stopped blooming. These trees love hot climes and stand up very well against drought and even deer! Word to the wise: if you do plant one of these trees on your property, be careful with pruning! The Crape Myrtle does not like heavy pruning; a professional can provide the precise, light pruning that the Crape Myrtle requires.

Sugar Maple

While the Crape Myrtle does well in heat, the Sugar Maple does well in a wide range of temperatures as well as soil types. This adaptable tree is a great choice for replacing an ash or elm that has been taken by disease. This beloved tree has eye-popping foliage in the fall and is great to match a home that has an emphasis on traditional Americana imagery. Plus, you can tap the Sugar Maple to make your own syrup! Yum!

Japanese Flowering Cherry

The Japanese Flowering Cherry, also known as the Yoshino Cherry, thrives in moist, well-draining soil. Although they are susceptible to pests like aphids, caterpillars, and spider mites, the investment and high maintenance are worth it just to see the iconic spring blossoms. Plant these trees in groups in full or partial sun for the greatest curb appeal.

Eastern Red Cedar

This is a hardy tree that can be planted in any soil type and loves full sun. Because the Eastern Red Cedar loves to absorb sunlight, it is especially effective as a shade tree, which, if shading your home, can save you money on energy bills. This tree also works well as a sound barrier, so if you live near a busy road, an Eastern Red Cedar may be your solution for a more relaxing environment. The sound of cars will be replaced with the sounds of birdsong, since birds love to gather in the branches of the Eastern Red Cedar and eat its red berries. If you have a birdwatcher in your family, then this is the tree for you!

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