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The Best Time of Year to Prune Your Trees

Right now is the best time of the year to do pruning maintenance on your trees. Winter weather means that trees go dormant. During the winter, dormant trees have a decreased sap flow, which, among other reasons, makes winter the prime time for healthy pruning. Pruning can also encourage healthy growth come spring. There are several benefits to having your trees pruned this winter.

Prune for Disease Management

Due to the aforementioned decreased sap flow, pruning during the winter is less likely to attract disease-carrying insects. Pruning during the spring or summer also makes it more likely for diseases to spread. It’s also easier to spot an infection while pruning a tree during the winter. Thus, pruning during the winter leads to healthier trees!

Out with the Old, In with the New!

When you prune a tree, you can thin out a tree’s branches, thereby giving other existing branches more room to grow. A professional tree trimmer can inspect your tree to know which branches to clear out and which to allow to grow. Your professional can also assess if your tree has any weak or dead branches that damage the growth potential of the other branches. If you trim a tree during the growing season rather than the dormant season, you risk cutting off small buds and limiting your tree’s growth for the season. If a tree is pruned before the growing season, there is more room for more buds and blooms to grow.

A Precise Prune is Possible

One of the great benefits of pruning during the winter is that all the leaves have fallen off the branches. This gives you a clear and easy view of what needs to be pruned and what doesn’t.

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