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Spring Tree Care Checklist

We may get a little snow this weekend (it’s APRIL, come on!), but hopefully this weekend will see the last snowfall of the year, and we’ll be able to begin our spring tree prep. Following these simple steps will help you to make sure your trees are at maximum health when the weather finally gets warmer.

Step One: Before the Last Freeze

Before your trees have reached full bloom and leafy fullness, it’s a good idea to inspect the trunk and branches for signs of infestation or damage. If you notice any bugs, oozing, or bark cracks, it may be a good idea to call Porter Tree to treat the problem in time for spring. It’s also a good idea to prune unwanted or dead branches now before your tree’s spring growth really kicks in. Trying to prune your tree in warmer weather is more difficult and could even lead to disease or pests.

Step Two: Pre-Bloom Prep

Your cherry blossom trees may have already bloomed, but if your tree still has yet to bloom, then there are a few things you can do to make sure it has as many healthy blooms as possible. First, remove fallen branches, old leaves, and debris from around your tree to set the stage for healthy new growth. After hibernating all winter, trees are hungry for nutrients. Setting up a slow-release fertilizer is a great way to steadily provide nutrients to your trees so that they have their full strength when warmer weather arrives.

Step Three: During Springtime Budding

Spring is the best time to plant new trees. Secure an ideal growing spot, then plant your tree. You should make sure that you choose the best tree for your property and that you don’t plant it too close to your home or underground pipes. Planting a new tree can actually save you money and greatly increase your curb appeal. While you are landscaping, take some time to add two to four inches of mulch around your existing trees. This protects the roots from any more surprise frosts as well as prohibits the growth of weeds and improves moisture control.

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