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Protecting Your Trees from Deer in Monkton

If you live in a rural area like Monkton, you likely have come across more than a few deer during your life. If they’re not in the middle of the road on a dusky evening, they’re knocking down your fences and damaging your trees. These pesky critters can be a nuisance, but there are several ways to humanely keep deer away from your trees.

Keeping Deer Away from Your Trees

Male deer tend to rub their antlers up against trees to remove velvet and further polish their antlers. During mating season, they may also use trees to mark their territory. This means broken branches and torn up tree bark, which is not only unsightly, but can have adverse effects on the health of your tree. Here are a few tried-and-true methods to discourage deer from choosing the trees on your Monkton property for their rubbing and marking:

  • Fencing

Keeping your Monkton property fenced in is the most effective way to keep deer out. However, deer are very good jumpers and have been known to knock down and damage fences that are under 6 to 8 feet tall. Angling the fence about 30 degrees will aid in keeping them from jumping over it as well.

  • Tree Guards

Tree guards, made from chicken wire or plastic mesh, can be wrapped around the trunk for protection against deer while still allowing the tree to grow naturally. They come in rolls and can be cut to the proper length. Plastic piping and tubes are also options. These methods offer good sources of protection, but can be unsightly.

  • Deer repellants

There are two main types of repellants: contact and area. Contact repellants are sprayed on the tree and taste bad to the deer. Although it usually works to keep deer from nibbling at trees, it will not stop them from rubbing their antlers on them. Area repellants give off foul odors which keep deer away from the general area, which is more effective to keep your trees protected from antler rubbing. One method to try is hanging pieces of deodorant soap in mesh bags from your tree branches. If you replace them monthly, deer are likely to stay away, as they do not care for the smell of the soap.

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