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Porter Tree Services: How Can We Help You?

Porter Tree Services, LLC is dedicated to providing the Baltimore and Harford County areas with high-quality tree services, including:

  • Emergency tree services
  • Tree removal
  • Tree trimming
  • Stump grinding
  • Crane services
  • Tree treatment programs

What do these services entail, you might ask? And why should you choose Porter Tree Services to handle them for you? In this week’s extended blog post, we’ll let you know!

Porter Tree Services

What do our services entail, you might ask? And why should you choose Porter Tree Services to handle them for you? In this week’s extended blog post, we’ll let you know!

Porter Tree Services: What We Do

  • Emergency Tree Services:

Nobody wants to have to use emergency tree services, but when you have a tree emergency on your hands, you’ll be glad that Porter Tree Services is on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We quickly and efficiently remove trees from your property after they have fallen and caused damage to your home, car, landscaping, or business. We take special care to remove your trees promptly and professionally and without causing any further damage.

Our years of experience have provided us with the knowledge and know-how to keep you safe and help to ease the pain of your lost tree and property damage. If necessary, we can alleviate the headache of calling the power company or other emergency contractors that may need to be involved by coordinating our services with them for you.

The most common reason people require our emergency tree services is because their trees were damaged in a storm. The best way to prevent yourself from needing emergency tree services is to have regular maintenance and inspections done on your trees so that they can be removed prior to becoming dangerous. Porter Tree Services also offers year-round storm damage clean-up services for snow and ice storms in winter and lighting and wind storms in the summer. Damage to your property can also be reduced by:

  • Properly removing dead or dying trees
  • Inspecting trees for damaged or dying limbs
  • Thinning out the canopy of a tree to allow some of the wind from a storm to pass thru the tree
  • Proper fertilization, tree insect control and tree disease services can help keep trees healthier and stronger to better survive severe weather
  • Tree Removal:

Tree removal is often necessary if you have a dead, unhealthy, or damaged tree on your property. Before Porter Tree Services begins a tree removal job, we will visit the site to determine the scope of the removal, decide what equipment will be necessary, and assess the area for safety concerns. Your trees probably need to be removed if they:

  • Demonstrate signs of death or disease
  • Pose a hazard by proximity to a home
  • Block sunlight from other plant material or turf
  • Interfere with construction or home improvement
  • Demonstrate signs of storm or wind damage

If your tree is growing too close to your home, you need to contact a licensed, professional tree removal expert like the ones at Porter Tree Services. In case of a strong storm involving high winds, falling branches can easily damage your windows, siding, paint, and brickwork.

There are several ways to remove a tree. The best method to use depends on the tree’s location and its accessibility. Tree removal services on your property can include:

  • Utilizing a climber who will tie off pieces of the tree and slowly drop them to the ground.
  • Utilizing a bucket truck instead of a climber if the area is accessible by truck
  • Utilizing a method where the tree is dropped to the ground in one piece if the area is assessed as wide-open
  • Utilizing a crane to lift pieces away after they are cut if the area is extremely close to a home or inaccessible by other means.
  • Tree Trimming

As your trees grow, they will need to be professionally trimmed. Tree trimming not only allows sunlight to reach through, but it can help your trees to grow correctly and live longer. Before trimming takes place, we meet with you and inspect your trees to determine the scope of the project and answer your questions.

On your scheduled service day, we will remove any damaged and unhealthy limbs from the trees on your property. We can also prune your branches that are growing too close to buildings. Tree trimming improves the overall health of your tree, allows for more sunlight and air circulation, and prevents damage to your property from falling branches.

  • Stump Grinding

If you end up with tree stumps left over from your previous tree removals, you’ll notice that they are unsightly and can hinder the beauty of your property. Porter Tree Services can provide you with stump removal and stump grinding services, no matter how big or small of a project you require.

We begin by carefully preparing the area for the stump grinding. We carefully monitor our equipment, and it is always used by a professional crew in order to maintain your existing bushes, trees, and other landscape features. We are always careful to clean up after ourselves and haul away leftover debris. After we fill the hole with topsoil, plant grass seed, and cover the area with straw, you are left with a newly seeded turf area where your unsightly stump used to be.

  • Crane Services

In some cases, the tree’s location will deem it necessary for a crane to be used in its removal. In this case, Porter Tree Services will be able to professionally and safely remove the tree using our cane services. These services are available to both commercial and residential customers.

Cranes can safely navigate around buildings and other property to ensure that no damage is caused to any structures. Using a crane, we can secure branches and trunk to cables and lift them away to be lowered down into a safe area. After the pieces of the tree have been relocated to the safe area, we will cut the wood into smaller pieces for removal. We will leave your site exactly as we found it and take care to clean up efficiently.

  • Tree Treatment Programs

Trees enhance your property’s look and increase its value, but they have to be kept healthy to do so. Disease and insect infestation can cause damage and even death to your trees if they are not caught and handled in time.

If you invest in tree treatment services from Porter Tree Services, our team of technicians will regularly visit your property to inspect your trees for any damage caused by insects or disease. While some signs of disease and damage can be seen by the naked eye, other signs can only be observed by a trained professional. If caught early, you can often save your trees from otherwise irreversible damage.

We can treat your trees with sprays or tree injections, which will deter insects and disease. Our tree treatment programs also include applying fertilizer directly to the root zone using the deep root fertilization method. These applications of fertilizer are most effective in the spring and fall months.

Why Choose Porter Tree Services?

Porter Tree Services is owned and operated by Charlie Rodgers and Chuck Porter, who have more than 45 years of combined experience in the tree and landscaping services industry. Porter Tree Services is licensed by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources as a Tree Expert Company and also licensed by the Maryland Department of Agriculture for tree and shrub fertilization and health care.

Our number one goal is to provide our customers with safe, quality tree care services. Our crew is trained extensively in all aspects of tree safety, tree removal, and tree care. We are positive that you will be satisfied with all aspects of our tree services.

Our motto: “We take pride in our work” can be observed in every aspect of our tree removal process. We carefully remove your trees and are sure to clean up the area and haul away all debris. Our pride in our work also extends to our relationship with our customers. We believe in effective communication – both with each other, and with our clients. From your first contact with Porter Tree Services, to your final appointment day, we promise to keep you informed and listen to your needs as an individual.

Porter Tree Services

Porter Tree Services can provide you with help in keeping any trees you plant in Maryland healthy and strong for years to come. Call us today to ask about our tree treatment programs and tree maintenance services!

If you are in need of tree services in Baltimore, Perry Hall, Fallston, Monkton, Timonium, Parkton, Kingsville, Bel Air, Reisterstown, or Nottingham, Porter Tree Services is here to help! From emergency tree removal to fertilization and treatment plans, our licensed tree experts will help you with whatever problems that have taken root!

Want to find out more about Porter Tree Services? Keep checking in with our blog, and be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest for all the latest news!

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