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Pests and Diseases to Watch for This Spring

As warm spring weather invites full foliage and colorful blooms, you may notice a few strange anomalies. It’s not uncommon for many trees to be affected by pests or diseases in spring, since their immune systems are weakened from weathering through the winter. Here are a few of the more common symptoms to look out for.

Brown Leaves

Are your tree’s leaves browning at the vein just as they begin to bud? Do you notice half-brown leaves or brown spots and yellow blotches on your leaves? The culprit could be the common disease anthracnose. Anthracnose is a fungal disease that thrives in the cool, wet climate of early spring. If you notice the signs of anthracnose on your trees, call Porter Tree Services to have a certified tree specialist visit your home and give your trees a fungicide treatment.

Sticky Leaves

Are your tree’s leaves covered in a sticky substance? This could be a sign of an aphid infestation. Aphids are pests that love the carbohydrates in tree leaves and sap. After eating away at your tree’s leaves, they leave behind a sticky syrup called honeydew. Tree leaves will also curl and eventually attract black mold fungi. There are several different types of aphids that require their own special treatments. Call a Porter Tree specialist to diagnose your tree and give it the proper treatment.

Scale Insects

Scale insects are pests that are similar to aphids in that they eat away at the carbohydrates in a tree’s leaves and leave behind a sticky substance and black mold fungi. However, scale insects have an even greater presence on your tree because you can actually see them gathering together! You may notice colorful spots appearing on your tree’s bark, twigs, leaves, or needles. Look carefully at these spots; they may be scale insects! A large presence of scale insects can cause a tree to quickly decline. You can prevent scale insect infestations by applying dormant oil in the winter. If you are noticing this problem in the spring, you should call a Porter Tree specialist for treatment.

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