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Maryland Weather: How Does It Lead to Tree Damages?

From Baltimore to Fallston to Bel Air and everywhere in between, people in Maryland know how unpredictable the weather can be, particularly over the course of the summer. Thunder storms and hurricanes are especially common during this time of year, and these kinds of storm systems can lead to extensive property damage, including downing trees and limbs. Read on to learn a little more about the history of harsh weather in Maryland and how you can protect your property with preventative tree services!

 A History of Hurricanes in Maryland

Maryland has seen several strong hurricane systems over the years, including…

  • Hurricane Floyd. In 1999, Hurricane Floyd came through Maryland. While it primarily affected the Eastern Shore, pouring nearly a foot of rain down on various cities, counties on the opposite side of the bay suffered from strong winds and rains as well.
  • Hurricane Isabel. In 2003, Hurricane Isabel brought Maryland over nine hours’ worth of high winds, which posed a danger to persons and property throughout the state. Due to rain and fallen trees that resulted from it, Isabel led to record high numbers of power outages.
  • Hurricane Frances. In 2004, central and western Maryland were especially affected by the flooding and strong winds brought by this storm.
  • Hurricane Irene. In 2011, this hurricane led to widespread flooding and power outages that caused serious disruptions to Marylanders’ lives.
  • Hurricane Sandy. In 2012, Hurricane Sand caused extreme damage along the entirety of the East Coast. Maryland in particular was hit by gale-force winds.

The strong winds that are associated with hurricanes and other summer storms can easily cause dead and weak trees to fall, causing potentially thousands of dollars in damage. Before hurricane season hits, have a professional tree services company evaluate your trees and remove any limbs or trees that pose a great risk to your property.

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