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Maintaining the Health of Your Bel Air Trees This Winter

Are you prepared to maintain the tree health of your Bel Air trees this winter? Are you prepared to maintain the tree health of your Bel Air trees this winter?

Your tree’s health in the spring will be determined by how well it was taken care of during the winter. For Bel Air residents, there are a few crucial procedures that need to be taken now to ensure the health of your trees.

Winter Tree Care to Maintain Your Tree’s Health in Bel Air

Before winter rears its nastiness, you can protect your trees by watering and mulching them before the first heavy frost. The mulch will allow your tree to retain moistures in the roots. Too much mulch, however, can trap too much moisture and cause fungus and diseases to grow. A professional tree service can let you know the proper amount of mulch to use and how to spread it.

Prune Trees Before Winter

Your tree will be dormant during the winter, but it can help to prune it before snow and ice hit Bel Air. Dead limbs and branches can easily break off because of snow landing on a tree. The broken branches and limbs are known to crash into power lines, land on cars and cause all sorts of damage. It’s much easier to prune near the winter because most of the leaves are either gone or falling off.

Diagnose the Potential Winter Damage to Your Trees

You’ll need to properly plan out what kind of maintenance is needed to keep your tree health at optimal levels. If this is your first winter in Bel Air or your first year with new trees, it’s best to contact a professional service to make sure that your trees can make it through the winter as healthy as possible.

Porter Tree Services

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