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Learn About Tree Treatment Options in Monkton

As we head further into spring, the trees in our yards will forgo their minimalist winter wardrobe for a brand new look: bright green leaves and blossoms! But even an expert designer like nature can use a little help to ensure that those spring trees are looking their best. Luckily, help is on the way in the form of professional tree treatment programs! Read on to find out more about utilizing these programs for your Monkton property.

Tree Treatment Programs Prep Your Trees for a Healthy Growing Season

 Spring and summer are the seasons in which your trees experience their maximum period of growth. Certain factors will facilitate or inhibit their growth: the amount of sunlight they get, whether or not they were damaged during the winter, the amount of nutrients that are present in the soil. While some of these factors are outside the realm of your control, others are not. Tree treatment programs put control back in your hands by allowing you to decide how your trees will be cared for and, consequently, how well they will grow in the coming months.

What Will Tree Treatment Programs Do For My Monkton Property?

 Tree treatment programs are designed to ensure your trees grow healthy and strong for the duration of the growing season. Certain programs, such as tree injections, are special methods used to protect trees from diseases and insect infestations. Customized chemical deterrents are injected straight into the tree to keep these unwanted influences away. Tree treatment programs can go further than simply keeping trees healthy, too; they can help make them even healthier by exposing trees to fertilizers that will boost and augment growth.  

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