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Insect Control Tips for Your Baltimore Trees

From caterpillars to maggots to ants, there are an abundance of insects who want nothing more than to make their homes in your Baltimore trees. All trees, particularly fruit trees, are susceptible to damage from insects. In order to keep your trees looking healthy and happy, you’ll need to take some precautionary measures to keep the insects at bay. But what methods are the best for ultimate tree protection without compromising their health? Read on to find out!

Some Insects Can Be Beneficial

The first step is figuring out which insects you do want around, and which ones do more harm than good. Ladybugs, honeybees, ground beetles, lace wings, and praying mantises are all good insects to have around. If you have enough good insects that prey on the bad ones that destroy your trees around, you may not even need to take any more measures. Many retailers will sell you ladybugs, praying mantis eggs, and even bees in bulk, sent through the mail.

Removal by Hand

It sounds gross, but some bug problems can be alleviated through hand-picking them off the trees. If you spot a caterpillar on your tree, which can infect your trees with their fecal matter, they should be removed. Scales, which look like a lumpy disease, are actually large clusters of tiny bugs. These can be removed by scrubbing the infected parts with soap and water. Removing fallen fruit, leaf litter, and nearby weeds can reduce the instance of moths in the area as well.

Spray Those Bugs Away

You can find any type of insect spray you might be looking for at your local garden center. Or better yet, call Porter Tree Services to take advantages of our tree treatment options. These options include sprays and tree injections, which inject the chemicals used to deter insects directly into the tree, safely limiting chemical exposure to the surrounding area. The best way to safely get insects out of the trees on your home property is to consult an expert.

Porter Tree Services

Porter Tree Services can provide you with help in keeping any trees you plant in Timonium, Maryland healthy and strong for years to come. Call us today to ask about our tree treatment programs and tree maintenance services!

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