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How to Water Your Trees in Nottingham

With the summer heat in full swing, you may be worried about if the trees on your property in Nottingham, Maryland are getting enough water. During the heat of the summer months, trees actually transpire water into the atmosphere as a way to dissipate heat and as part of their photosynthesis process. If they are not getting enough water to replace what is lost, the tree can suffer, especially if they are in full sun. Read on to find out how much and how often you should be watering your Nottingham trees this summer.

When Should I Water My Trees?

Because trees tend to take in the majority of their water after the sun goes down, the best time of the day to water is between 10 pm and 6 am. Use a soaker hose if possible to limit the chance of evaporation and get more water where it counts. Start from the drip line down to one-third of the way towards the trunk to cover where the water-absorbing roots of the tree are located. Try to water in the shade as much as possible and periodically move the hose around to cover the maximum amount of ground.

How Should I Water My Trees?

Try to water your trees at least weekly, if not twice a week, especially in extreme heat. A full grown healthy tree requires one to two inches of water per week to stay healthy – that’s about five gallons of water per square yard of soil surface area. If you have a newly planted tree, it requires much more maintenance. Try to water your new tree in Nottingham every day if you can. It will need between five and seven gallons of water a week for every inch of trunk caliper.

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