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How to Spot a Dangerous Tree

As a property owner, of course you want to keep your property looking its best. This should include the trees on your property as well! However, sometimes it can be difficult for an inexperienced eye to tell when a tree isn’t at its peak health. Occasionally a mature, healthy tree can succumb to a summer or winter storm, but more often, your tree will exhibit several warning signs that it is in danger of falling over. When you know how to read these warning signs of a dangerous tree, you will be better prepared to call a tree removal service like Porter Tree Services and get your problem taken care of before it causes an even bigger one.

Spot the Signs of a Dangerous Tree

Leaning Trees: A little lean is normal, but if you start to notice anything too extreme, it may be time to call for help. Be on the lookout for cracked or heaving soil, or exposed roots around the base of the tree.

Multiple trunks: If your tree has multiple or split trunks, this can make it unstable, especially if the trunks are V- or U-shaped. These trunks are very likely to split with age or during a storm. Also pay attention for large, deep cracks in the trunk.

Construction stress: Installing a driveway, adding an addition to your house, or digging up utility lines can all cause your trees stress. The results can show up anytime, from immediately after or during the construction, to many years later. Pay attention for signs of damage including damaged bark; reduced, smaller, or no foliage; premature autumn color; and mushrooms, conks, and carpenter ants at the base of the tree: these are all signs of a dangerous tree.

You know your own trees – so you are the best judge when it comes to deciding if they are no longer as healthy as they were before. Porter Tree Services provides tree treatment programs and tree maintenance services to help heal your leaning or damaged tree. We can also provide you with tree removal services if they become necessary.

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