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How to Prepare Your Trees for Spring

While the holiday season can be incredibly busy, the lull following it can be the perfect time to see to all those important things which fell to the wayside at the height of the holiday craze. During this downtime, take the time to help keep your property beautiful with expert winter tree care. Taking these steps will help you prepare your trees for proper spring growth.  

Prune Your Trees

Even though in the winter trees are dormant, or in the inactive stage of growth, winter is the best time to prune. It leaves less impact on your landscape, pruning bare trees is easier and more precise, and it allows trees plenty of time to heal before spring.

Inspect Your Trees

Take the time to inspect your trees from the bottom up. Keep a close eye out for snow and ice damage. New damage may have happened and old damage can be worsened by harsh winter conditions. Look out for small holes in the trunk, decay, or dead twigs and branches. Trees should also be inspected for signs of infestation and signs of insects and diseases. Contact your local arborist for a tree checkup.

Remove Damaged Limbs And Branches

The limbs and branches of trees that are weak, damaged, or diseased, can put the rest of your tree at risk. This is when an inspection is critical. Some trees can be taken care of with pruning, fertilization, cabling, and bracing, and other times limb or tree removal is necessary. Getting started on this early will help make your property beautiful in time for spring. Caring for your trees properly is a year round process.

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