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How to Plant a New Tree

Trees produce oxygen, provide shade, and add natural beauty to their surroundings. Any day is a good day to plant a new tree! Just in case you missed out on Arbor Day tree planting, here are our tips for planting new trees.

Pick The Right Tree

The first step when you plant a new tree is to pick the right one! Some trees fare better in specific climates. Other trees should be avoided because they are invasive species or otherwise difficult to maintain. Think about what you want to gain from your tree. Are you planting a tree so that it will shade your home and lower your energy bills? Then choose a good shade tree, like oak or maple. Are you planting a tree to boost your curb appeal? Check out some of these beautiful trees. Whichever tree you choose, make sure that you do some cursory research first to make sure that it is the right tree for you.

Pick The Right Place

The arborists at Porter Tree Services can help you to choose the best place to plant a new tree. If you are planting a tree for shade, then the west side of your home will likely provide your home with the most shade. It’s a good idea to plant your tree away from potential hazards. For example, a tree planted too close to the home can cause serious damage as it grows to its full size. All these things are worth keeping in mind when choosing a spot for your new tree.

Dig The Right-Sized Hole

Believe it or not, the most common problem with newly-planted trees is that they are planted too deep! In order to make sure you are digging the right-sized hole, first locate the root flare. The root flare is where the trunk meets the ground and the roots begin to flare out from the trunk. Use your shovel to measure the height between the bottom of the roots up to the root flare, then dig a hole that deep. Measure the width of the root ball, and dig a hole twice as wide.

Plant The Tree

Finally, the exciting part! To plant your new tree, either roll the root ball into the hole or lift the tree by the root ball and place it into the hole. It’s important to be careful when placing the tree in the hole to avoid root damage. After your tree is in the hole, position it so that it is standing upright. Now, remove the burlap and wire around the root ball. Fill the hole with soil, add two to four inches of mulch, and water now and every day for two weeks. Now you can enjoy all the benefits of your new tree!

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