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How to Mulch Your Trees

If you mulch your trees, it not only keeps your yard looking trimmed and neat; it also conserves essential nutrients and moisture in the soil, insulates roots from cold snaps, and combats weed growth. If you are planting new trees or mulching your current trees, there are a few things you can do to ensure that your mulch works as effectively as possible. Follow our mulching tips to give your trees a healthy start to spring!


Before you lay down your mulch, you can first apply a layer of compost to jump start your trees with powerful nutrients. You can make your own compost at home if you are handy, or you can buy ready-made compost or fertilizer online. If you’d prefer not to get your hands dirty, call Porter Tree Services to give your trees a deep root fertilization. Our method involves injecting fertilizer directly at the roots for maximum effect. This is also a great opportunity for us to inspect your trees after winter to look for and treat winter damage or spring pests.


After you’ve finished fertilizing, it’s time to mulch your trees. Spread mulch around the base of your tree, extending as far from the tree’s trunk as the canopy reaches. The mulch should be two to four inches thick. Avoid “volcano mulching”, where mulch is piled up against the tree trunk. Think about trees in a natural setting; fallen leaves, twigs, and other debris on a forest floor provide a natural mulch for trees. However, this natural mulch never piles up against the tree trunk. Giving the tree trunk some room to breath will ensure that pests don’t start making their homes in the moist conditions against the tree. Finally, for a finishing touch, you can take a shovel and dig out the edges of the ground around the mulch, about and inch deep all around. Now your trees look neat and are ready to be healthy in the spring!

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