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How to Know when You Need Tree Removal Services

Have you noticed that your tree looks unhealthy, diseased, or is it simply just posing a major threat to your property? If any of your foliage can be categorized under one of the above-mentioned categories, then it is time to remove the tree from your acreage. As a reliable and well-respected tree removal service, Porter Tree Services is here to cater to all your tree removal needs.

There are several ways to identify a tree that needs removed from your property.

Step One: Inspect the Entire Tree

First and foremost, it is recommended that you walk to an area outside your home where you can see the tree as a whole. If you are able to recognize that the tree is leaning, it is a good sign that the entire tree is dead or dying and may soon fall over and could fall onto your residence or vehicle. However, if you are unsure of weather your tree has a tilt, simply ask your tree removal service and we will inspect it and remove it if necessary.

Step Two: Inspect the Base of the Tree

Next, it is important to look at the ground around the bottom of the tree. The roots of any tree can educate you about the tree’s health. If the roots look like they are damaged or decaying, this means that the tree has lost some or all of the structural support, and it is more susceptible to tumbling over at any time. Take a second gander at the area around the tree. Is there a lot of space between the shrub and the ground? If this is so, then the tree has developed additional tilt and lean problems, and again it could be a sign that the tree is structurally unsound and needs a tree removal service. While you are looking at the ground that surrounds the tree, it is suggested that you inspect the tree’s trunk as well. A trunk’s deterioration can mean that a tree is no longer good to have in your yard and that it needs removed by a certified tree removal service as soon as possible. Additionally, trunks and missing pieces of bark are a couple of the best visual tree characteristics to let you know whether your tree is dead, rotting, sick, or infested with herbal diseases.

Step Three: Call Your Local Tree Services for Tree Removal

Finally, if you are still unsure of whether your tree needs removed from your property, it is best to ring a certified tree removal service, such as Porter Tree Services, who specialize in certified inspections and can give you the best suggestions and estimates on costs of tree removal services.

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