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How to Care for Your Trees This Fall

If you have trees near your home, it’s important that you make sure they’re prepared for the upcoming winter. Not only will taking proper care of your trees keep your property looking neat and well-maintained, but it can also help you to avoid the catastrophe that a poorly maintained tree can cause.

Check for Structural Soundness

Before the winter comes, you’ll want to check your trees to make sure they’re stable. Any dead wood on your trees can be dangerous for children or animals that may come near your trees. Trees that have a lot of dead weight typically cannot withstand the weight of a heavy snowfall or the strong winds of a storm. Pruning in the fall is easier than any other season, because the trees have fewer leaves and, thus, the branches are easier to see.

Plant Now

While you are preparing your existing trees for winter, it is also the ideal time to plant new trees. The extreme heat of summer and the intense cold of the winter both tend to dehydrate trees. If you plant new trees during the fall, you can make sure that those trees get proper hydration during this nice, temperate season. Trees lose a lot of nutrients through the soil during the summer and winter that they regain during the fall. A new tree will not only reap the benefits of increased hydration and nutrients, but it will also have enough time to form a root mass in preparation for its dormancy during the winter.

Fertilize and Check for Disease

Since trees absorb so much nutrients and hydration during the fall in preparation for the winter, now is the best time to help them along by giving them fertilizer and making sure they’re not being inhibited by any pests. Applying a slow-release fertilizer can not only prepare your trees with extra nutrients, it can also help your trees grow a natural resistance to certain diseases, insects, and stressful weather.

Tree didn’t make it? If you have a dead tree or a tree stump that needs removed, you can always rely on our tree removal and stump grinding services. Don’t grieve for your lost tree; now is the perfect time to plant a replacement!

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