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How a Warm Winter Affects Your Trees

This unnaturally warm winter, while enjoyable, can have unmistakably damaging effects on our natural environment. With pleasantly warm days followed by shockingly cold days, our plants and trees suffer. There are a few things you can do to keep an eye on your trees and make sure that they are coping with these strange winter temperatures.

Watch for Fungus

Right now, the warm weather has incited the sap in our trees to flow more than they naturally would during this time of year. With the weather being nice and balmy one day then freezing the next, our trees cannot adapt quickly enough. This often results in fungus growth. If your tree has already gone dormant for the winter, it is incapable of fighting the fungus, which can result in the death of your tree. Check your tree for any strange growths, and if you notice any, call your local tree services right away for treatment. Left untreated, your tree may not survive the winter and will need to be removed in the spring.

Protect Tree Roots

Sudden cold weather can shock trees that are still showing activity during the winter months. Your tree’s roots are most susceptible to shock from sudden cold weather. If you still have your Christmas tree, you can shred it into mulch and apply a protective layer to the bed of your tree. This will insulate the ground and protect your tree’s roots from sudden cold weather.

Don’t Worry if Trees Don’t Bloom in Spring

If your trees are producing no growth at all during the spring, you should definitely call your local tree services to inspect them. But if your trees seem healthy but are not producing blooms, don’t worry. Blooming plants are often tricked by the warm weather in the winter to produce unseasonal blooms. Then, when spring rolls around, they cannot produce the same amount or quality of blooms. You shouldn’t have to worry about your tree’s long-term health; you may just have a less-colorful tree come spring.

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