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Four Reasons to Remove Dead Trees in Bel Air

Trees are a great addition to any home property in Bel Air. They provide shade, privacy, and curb appeal, and can even increase the value of your home. However, when they die, most of these properties are no longer applicable. In fact, a dead tree is often a dangerous tree. Whether your tree has died of old age, disease, or storm damage, read on to find out four key reasons for dead tree removal on your property in Bel Air, Maryland.

Dead Trees are Unattractive

Of course you want your property to look as nice as it possibly can. A dead tree with no leaves, sagging branches, and peeling bark can impact your yard for the worse. If your curb appeal is impacted, your home’s value decreases. Be sure to get those ugly dead trees out as quickly as possible if you’re thinking about selling your home.

Dead Trees Attract Pests

Dead trees provide the perfect home for all sorts of pesky critters, from termites, to carpenter ants, to even rats! Insects like termites and ants can quickly multiply and cause trouble. They may even move into your house and cause damage there too! Rats have been known to build their nests inside the safety of dead trees, and nobody wants a rat problem on their property. Save yourself a call to the exterminator and remove your dead tree before it becomes a big problem.

Dead Trees Can Fall

Dead trees have a solid chance of falling over at any time. When it falls, it could land on your house, fence, or car and result in you needing emergency tree services. Removing the tree before it causes an emergency will save you money and headache in the long run, so quit putting it off.

They Can Impact Other Trees

If your tree died as a result of a disease, the disease can quickly spread to other trees in the area. Your entire landscape and even your neighbors’ landscapes could all be destroyed by you neglecting to remove the dead tree from your yard.

Porter Tree Services

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