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Need Firewood for Your Fall Camping Trip in Maryland?

You may not know that, in addition to numerous other quality and affordable tree maintenance and removal services, Porter Tree Services can also supply you with any firewood that you may need for your camping trip this fall. A sure sign of a novice camper is to show up at your campsite without enough firewood to last you the entire trip. Make sure you’re prepared for your camping trip this fall by getting in touch with Porter Tree Services today!

Save Time and Money: Bring Firewood from Home

Although campsites usually supply firewood for sale, it can be expensive. Porter Tree Services has a vast supply of firewood available and you can save big by buying in bulk! Or, if you’re really adventurous and like to camp off the beaten path, you’ll want to save time and energy having your firewood cut and available ahead of time instead of going out and cutting down your own. The most important part of camping is clearly the campfire: without it, you can’t eat! You want to make sure you have enough to keep you fed and warm for as long as you’ll be on your Maryland camping trip.

Campfire Building Tips

If you’re a novice camper or even highly experienced, it’s important to keep safety and function in mind when building a fire. Once you have your fire going, add large pieces of dry wood in order to keep it burning steadily. Keep it to a manageable size and always supervise children and pets around an open flame. Make sure to put it out responsibly too. Pour water all over the embers to extinguish it and remember – if it’s too hot to touch, it’s too hot to leave.

Enjoy your Maryland camping trip this fall and don’t forget the firewood when you go! Call Porter Tree Services today to make sure you’re prepared.

Porter Tree Services

In addition to supplying you with firewood for your fall camping trip, Porter Tree Services can also provide you with help in keeping any trees you plant healthy and strong for years to come. Call us today to ask about our tree treatment programs and tree maintenance services!

If you are in need of tree services in Baltimore, Perry Hall, Fallston, Monkton, Timonium, Parkton, Kingsville, Bel Air, Reisterstown, or Nottingham, Porter Tree Services is here to help! From emergency tree removal to fertilization and treatment plans, our licensed tree experts will help you with whatever problems that have taken root!

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