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Dealing with Tree Damages After Thunderstorms

Springtime brings rain and severe thunderstorms, which means tree branches breaking and falling. Many times, trees will collapse onto your car, home, or yard depending where the tree is on your property. After this happens, you can call Porter Tree Services to take care of your tree damages and even collaborate with your electric company to make sure our task is done safely.

Dead and Dying Trees Are At Risk for Thunderstorm Damage

 Emergency tree services are needed for dying limbs or dead trees. Lightning can strike branches and severely damage parts of trees, so Porter Tree Services will come inspect and properly remove any dead or dying trees. After a storm, electrical lines may be down along with branches; Porter Tree Services will remove them carefully with the help of an emergency electrical contractor.

How Can I Maintain My Trees to Protect Them from Thunderstorm Damage?

  • One to three year mark: Proper care for the trees on your property is necessary to ensure their survival and growth. During the one to three year mark, watering and mulching the area around your trees should be a priority. Good mulching techniques protect tree roots and regulate the soil temperature.
  • Three to five year mark: Pruning the tree will keep it fresh and appealing. Start pruning services around this time frame, and keep it up throughout the life span of the tree. Make sure wind from a storm can pass through and balances the air flow. Pressure from a thick canopy can break the trees. Also, know the proper insect control for your tree – some pesticides can actually increase an infestation. Have your trees monitored for pests, as many types result from weather damage. In general, fertilizer can be used after about four years of planting the tree.
  • Beyond the five year mark: Watering, mulching, pruning, and pest monitoring are desirable. Fertilizing is only done when required. Pruning the tree after this amount of time is different than when it was young. Lower branches can be cleared to maximize space, but take care not to remove more than a quarter of the branches at one time.

 Has a Spring Thunderstorm Led to Tree Damage?

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