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Are Crane Services Necessary for Tree Removal?

When it comes to removing trees from your property, sometimes simply cutting the tree down will not, well, “cut it.” Depending on the height of the tree and the condition it is in, you may need to order crane services from a professional tree service company to help you safely and efficiently remove an unwanted tree from your property.  Read on to learn more about when and why you will need crane services!

Tree Removal with Crane Services Keeps Your Property Looking Its Best

 There are many reasons you may need to elect to use a crane to remove unwanted trees or branches, including:

  • If the tree has reached a height that would make standard removal practices unsafe.
  • If the tree or branches cannot be lowered safely without coming into contact with a building, landscaping feature, or other immovable object.
  • If the tree or branches cannot be dropped without posing a risk of damage.

Crane services provide a solution to the types of problems these situations pose. Cranes are able to navigate your property easily without doing damage to the landscape or any existing structures. They then can be used to remove the tree in question a section at a time, securing the pieces to cables so that they can be carried away safely.

Unlike tidying up your yard or raking up fallen leaves and branches, full-scale tree removal is not a DIY job, particularly when crane services become necessary.  Hiring a professional tree service to remove unwanted trees from your residential or commercial property can help you to avoid a wide range of risks that would occur if you attempted such a challenging project yourself. If you have an overgrown, diseased, or unwanted tree that needs removing via crane services, get in touch with Porter Tree Services today for more information.

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