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Commercial Tree Services in Time for the Holidays!

Do you want your business to look more inviting and festive for the holidays? Before you string on your Christmas lights, it’s wise to make sure your trees are stable and ready for the cold weather. If you need maintenance done on your trees, call Porter Tree for commercial tree services. We’ll make sure that you have healthy trees that look festive and cheerful!


Before hanging lights or decorative ornaments from your trees, make sure that your trees don’t need any pruning. Occasionally, a tree will develop a dead limb or a storm will fracture a branch. This is a dangerous situation, especially for customers who may walk close to your tree. To avoid an accident from happening, call Porter Tree Services and request to get your trees pruned. If your trees are growing too close to power lines or have low-hanging branches that get in the way of pedestrians, then it is also time to prune. Pruning leaves your tree looking nicer and feeling healthier. Pruning even stimulates tree growth, and if you have a fruit tree, stimulates fruit production! By the time the spring rolls around, your trees will be full of vitality and beauty.


If you notice a dead limb on your tree, it may not just need pruned. Trees often develop dead limbs from an infection or an infestation. Porter Tree Service can diagnose your tree and treat it quickly and safely. We offer tree injections as part of our tree maintenance program, which is a safer choice for business owners. Our team of technicians gives your tree a series of treatments by applying medicine directly into the tree. This is safer than chemical sprays, which can have a harmful effect if they come into contact with animals or small children. With our rigorous tree treatment program, your trees will regain their health just in time to make it through the winter.

Stump Grinding

Were you unable to save your tree and are now left with an ugly stump? Grind it down to get it out of the way before the shopping season starts. If you have a business that has a high volume of customers, having a tree stump nearby can be a liability if someone trips over it. It also looks unattractive, and by extension makes your business look that less appealing. When we grind a stump, we take special care to not harm any of the existing flora. We remove the debris after the job is done and leave the area where the stump was with a nice topsoil and plant it with grass seed.

Porter Tree Services

Porter Tree Services can provide you with help in keeping any trees you plant healthy and strong for years to come. Call us today to ask about our tree treatment programs and tree maintenance services!

If you are in need of tree services in Baltimore, Perry Hall, Fallston, Monkton, Timonium, Parkton, Kingsville, Bel Air, Reisterstown, or Nottingham, Porter Tree Services is here to help! From emergency tree removal to fertilization and treatment plans, our licensed tree experts will help you with whatever problems that have taken root!

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