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Caring for Your Kingsville Trees in the Fall

You may not realize that your trees need some extra TLC in the colder months, especially if they’re newly planted. Even if they appear to be in a state of hibernation for the winter, being exposed to harsh conditions like heavy snow and extreme cold can cause your trees major stress. However, if you prep your Kingsville trees for winter during the fall and take care of them throughout the chilly season, you’ll be rewarded with beautiful and healthy trees come springtime.

Fall Tips to Preparing Your Kingsville Trees for Colder Weather

  • Plant your trees now!

Spring may seem like the most logical time of year to plant trees, but believe it or not, fall is the prime time to plant a new tree in Kingsville. Once cooler weather begins to set in, the conditions are actually perfect to stimulate root growth. As roots are established over the fall and winter, the showers of spring and warmth of summer encourage new top growth. Balled and burlapped trees have the optimum chance of thriving when planted in early fall; bare root plants should be planted later in the season.

  • Prune your trees now!

Fall is the best season to prune your trees. When there are no leaves on the branches, it’s easier to see your tree’s structure and determine where it will be necessary to trim. Trees are also dormant in the colder months and are less susceptible to injury from trimming.

  • Water your trees now!

Because fall and winter are cooler, many people don’t know that trees need just as much water as they do during the heat of the summer. An occasional watering (as long as it’s not freezing out) can be a big help to your trees in Kingsville. Also consider adding a thin layer of mulch under your tree to help it retain water and give your tree’s roots extra protection from the cold.

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