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There are several important factors to consider if you are thinking about re-planting a tree after you’ve undergone stump removal services.

Can I Re-Plant a Tree after Stump Removal in Perry Hall?

If you’ve recently had stump removal services done at your Perry Hall home, you may be noticing a void in your landscaping where your tree was before. Depending on the size of the tree you removed, how and why it was removed, and the quality of the soil in the area, you may be able to replace your tree with a new one. Trees add to curb appeal, increase your property value, and provide shade for your home, but there are several factors to consider when you’re re-planting one after removing a stump. Read on to find out what to consider when you’re re-planting a tree after a stump removal at your home in Perry Hall.

Is the Area Clear?

Stump removal and stump grinding eliminate the unsightly tree stump from your yard, but they do not usually take care of the tree’s roots. You are also left with a hole in the ground, and although it will be filled, it’s usually not the best place to plant a new tree. The roots will be your main obstacle in re-planting in the same spot, since you’ll need a good, clear spot to put the tree. If you’re set on putting another tree in the same spot, you’ll need to try to remove as much of the old roots as possible in order to provide a rich environment for your new tree to grow and thrive in your Perry Hall yard.

How is the Soil Quality?

As the roots and any remaining stump begin to decompose, they affect the soil’s carbon-to-nitrogen ratio, depleting the nutrients in the soil and making it difficult for any new life to thrive there. You may need to test the soil or talk to an experienced tree professional in order to decide if the space you’ve selected will provide the tree with enough nutrients to flourish.

Go Ahead and Plant!

If you’ve determined that your existing area is sufficient to support a new tree, try choosing a spot a couple of feet away from the original area and digging a hole about three times the size of the new tree’s root ball. A good option when you’re re-planting is to plant a smaller tree so that it has enough room to grow. Stump removal can cause some depressions or ridges in the ground, so be aware of this when you’re re-planting. Good luck!

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