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Arbor Day Review

Last Friday was Arbor Day! Did you get out and plant a tree? Arbor Day is a great time to recognize the value of our local trees and forests and to plant trees to replace those lost by illegal logging, disease, and invasive species. Here are a few of the ways Maryland and Washington, DC celebrated Arbor Day this year!

Tree-Mendous Maryland

Tree-Mendous Maryland is a program run by the Maryland Forest Service. Since 1989, the Tree-Mendous Maryland program has helped over 3,000 communities in Maryland to plant trees that will clean the water and air, prevent soil erosion, and beautify local towns and cities. After gaining permission from landowners, local scout troops, classrooms, and clubs can plant trees in public areas, like schools, parks, sidewalks, and more! The Tree-Mendous Maryland program has contributed to making our communities more inviting and environmentally viable over the years. Thank you, Tree-Mendous Maryland!

Celebrating Conservation in Washington, DC

Darren DeStefano, the horticulturist for the General Services Administration, just published a blog about his great Arbor Day. DeStefano spent the day planting American chestnut tree saplings and pollinator friendly plants such as Milkweed on the grounds of the Foreign Service Institute. This Arbor Day activity is actually part of a much larger effort by the State Department to protect against deforestation, illegal logging, invasive species, and outbreaks of pests globally.

The American chestnut tree was chosen because of its distinctly American history and its struggle for survival. The American chestnut tree played an important role in Victorian America, as its wood was used for building homes and its nuts were eaten by the local wildlife. When the Asian chestnut tree was introduced to America, the foreign trees introduced an airborne fungal pathogen that nearly wiped out the American chestnut tree completely by the 1930s. However, American chestnut trees still continue to grow out of the old stumps of their predecessors, growing strong until they reach a certain age and die back again. Scientists have been working on creating hybridized American chestnut trees that will be resistant to the fungal disease. Hopefully, we’ll someday see a strong population of American chestnut trees! If you’d like to support the journey of the American chestnut tree, consider donating to the American Chestnut Foundation.

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